Midway Insurance Management International, Inc. provides Claims Management and Adjusting Services.

We understand the insurance industry operates in a world where only the fittest will survive. It follows that our success is inherently linked to the success of our insurance partners. We understand that it takes creativity, resourcefulness and honest hard work to become a successful adjusting company.

We provide the solutions to the ever increasing demands of the insured, agents and brokers:

Our staff is experience in General Liability involving claims for Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Completed Operations, Products, Advertising and Personal Injury. We handle general liability claims on Programs and individual claim assignments.

We provide experience in first party and third party claims for Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Physical Damage and Cargo.

In addition, we conduct heavy equipment appraisals. We review all appraisals toward verification of the necessity and cost of repairs and audit all estimates. Total Loss evaluations are reviewed and settlements are negotiated directly with insureds/claimants. Several bids are obtained, including the use of an internet service for best possible salvage recovery. Any and all potential subrogation recoveries are pursued.

Our staff is experienced in the personal and commercial lines of auto business. Our knowledge gives us an edge in understanding auto coverages and the importance of providing prompt services. We conduct investigations, including witness statements, scene photographs and collision/property damages.

Litigation Management
We have extensive experience in litigation management, involving coverage issues, defense and settlements. We have associated counsel to assist with complicated legal issues. In addition, we have associated a doctor to review medical records in serious or suspect injury claims.

We evaluate the potential risk of exposure and the benefit of an early resolution. Our staff takes a proactive role in the management of defense counsel. Our strategy is to determine the necessity of defense activity, coverage, proper service, Statute of Limitations, liability and potential for summary judgment motion.

We provide timely comprehensive reports, addressing all the issues. We conduct settlement negotiations directly with Plaintiff Counsel. If necessary, we will attend mediation and/or trial. We monitor the claim to conclusion to assure the most cost effective defense expense.

Program Management
Our dedicated staff provides Third Party Administration nationwide of London Programs and Self-Insured Retention Programs. We understand the need to efficiently manage a program, while controlling costs. Our administration staff pays careful attention to the bordereaux data to make certain of it's accuracy. It is important that our clients are given a clear picture of the progress or exposures in their program.

We approach each notice of loss with a close examination of all issues. We address any potential coverage issues before, during and after our investigation is complete. We analyze liability toward any avenue of contribution or subrogation recovery. Our staff conducts all settlements directly with the insureds, claimants or attorneys.

Individual Claims Assignment
We are committed to providing services on a limited or full assignment basis of your individual claims as the need arises. Our staff is available to provide tractor/trailer and heavy equipment appraisals. We welcome any opportunity to represent your interests in the investigation of a loss, negotiate a settlement or attend mediation.

Consulting Services
We provide consulting services to assist you in bringing your claims volume under control. You can utilize our experience in-house or as an alternative, we can handle pending claims from our office.

We understand the critical nature involved with the transfer of claims to a new adjuster or new company. We are attentive to all inquiries and guarantee immediate responses. In addition, we will obtain the most effective and efficient resolution of the claims.

Our administration staff provides bordereaux and Trust Fund management services. We produce a bordereaux monthly. We use various formats to transmit this information to Underwriters and Brokers by the 5th day of the new month.

We utilize an outside Certified Public Accountant who coordinates the reconciliation of all accounts with the bordereaux production. In addition to our reconciliation procedures, our bank has an established system to identify separate Trust Fund Accounts. We take great measures to maintain the accuracy and integrity of all accounts.


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